The wellness revolution has taken the world by storm. With the baby boomers starting to retire, suddenly all anyone can think about is how to remain healthy and look younger. In fact, the wellness revolution is so large, that it has actually become a trillion dollar industry. That is huge! This makes it one of the largest revolutions in the history of the world. This revolution is so large and profitable; it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. There are actually many different ways that the hospitality industry can take advantage of the wellness revolution. With just a few changes the hospitality industry can start benefiting from the wellness craze.

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of the wellness revolution in the hospitality industry is by improving the quality of food offered. Many hotels and other hospitality locations still offer food that was popular twenty years ago or more. A menu change is a very simple way to increase profits through the wellness industry. The hospitality industry could offer more fresh foods on their menu, as well as offering vegetarian and vegan alternatives to their daily menu. Changing this one thing will provide travelers with healthy lifestyles to feel comfortable and more at home. Customers will also pay higher for better quality and more specialized foods. One of the big things right now is organic foods. Customers pay a lot more for the option of organic foods and drinks.

Another huge area of the wellness revolution is beauty treatments. The hospitality industry can maximize on the wellness revolution by providing specialized beauty treatments for their guests. Adding a few beauty treatments like body wraps and massages will add great ratings to a hotel. Some hotels even have added a full spa to their grounds for guests. Even if a whole spa is not added, it is possible to offer a few beauty treatments for each guest. Another way to take advantage of this part of the wellness revolution is to offer better quality soaps and shampoos in each room. If the guests like them, they can purchase larger versions from the hotel. This is a small, but effective way to slowly take advantage of the wellness revolution.

A great way to incorporate the trillion dollar wellness industry into the hospitality industry is to add healthier activities for guests. Gyms and exercise rooms are a great way to take advantage of the wellness revolution. It is also a good idea to have professional trainers on staff to work with guests as well as offer exercise classes that guests can sign up for. Many guests will sign up and go to an exercise class before they would exercise at a hotel on their own. Adding walking trails and playgrounds for children is a great way to get them involved in the wellness revolution as well. This may not be an option for every hotel, but would be a huge plus in the eyes of parents.

Another idea to use to take advantage of the trillion dollar wellness industry is to add organic options. Adding the option of organic bedding and towels is a great way to offer wellness options to guests. Many people who are into the wellness revolution refuse to use anything other than organic food, clothing, and beauty products. Offering these options in a hotel will provide a place for people interested in organic materials to feel at home. One option to add could be different organic rooms where everything in the room is organic. Or all rooms could be equipped with organic elements.

All of these ideas and tips can be very useful for the hospitality industry. The wellness revolution is slowly becoming more and more mainstream. If the hospitality industry does not take advantage of it while the can, they will miss out on serious profit potential. No one wants that to happen to their hotel. The best strategy for implementing these ideas is to begin with something small. See how customers react to it and then adjust from there. Not everything should be used in every hospitality venue. It all depends on the clientele and what they want their environments to look like.