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November 9, 2020
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The History of Revlon Makeup

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Revlon makeup is renowned the world over for their innovative and flawless beauty products. From humble beginning in 1932 making nail varnish they rapidly grew to be one of the biggest beauty product manufactures in the world. Revlon makeup is still a core product for the company, but they branched out and now make perfume, skincare and antiperspirant products.

Revlon Makeup - The Early Years

In 1932, during the Great Depression, the brothers Charles and Joseph Revson along with a chemist called Charles Lachman developed and launched a new form of nail varnish. Instead of using dyes they used pigments in their nail polish, which gave their product a far superior depth and range of colours than any other brand. They named their company by taking the L from Lachman and replacing the S in their own surname with it, hence Revlon.

All three of the founders had previously worked in the beauty industry in sales or production, so their innovative nail varnish was quickly widely available. By 1934 the company had already grossed $68,0000 whilst offering just one product line. Within 6 years they were a multimillion dollar company.

In 1935 they began to sell to department stores and started using national advertising to sell Revlon makeup they were the first cosmetic company to use national advertising. By 1940 Revlon was offering an entire manicure line and added matching lipsticks to their range. By the late 1950s a full range of Revlon makeup products became available and the company began to sell their products worldwide.

Revlon Makeup - Today

Whilst Revlon's market share has dropped a little in the past decade their makeup still remains popular and they continue to release new and innovative high quality additions to their makeup range. Recently they have added an age defying foundation and a plumping mascara and eyeliner to their range. Along with a mineral finishing powder and new superfast drying nail varnishes.

Revlon continues to produce only high quality products leaving the economy market to other makeup companies, so when you buy Revlon makeup you know you are buying the best.


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