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September 24, 2020
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Ion Foot Baths

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Ion foot baths have become extremely popular of late and it's easy to see why. The many toxins in our environment and the pollution that fills the air that surrounds us, not to mention the chemicals in just about everything we consume and in everything we wear or touch, has an impact on our health every day. Some of these conditions we have control over, many we do not. We can control what we eat but in many cases have no way of knowing for certain that the foods we consume are chemical free. The same goes for our clothing or household products.

The bottom line is that there are simply to many toxins that we have no control over, so we need to take the necessary steps to live a toxin free life. One of the best ways to avoid toxin build up is by cleansing our bodies of the poisons that they can so frequently and unknowingly take on. A couple of popular options are saunas, steam rooms and even just a hot bath, which can help but can take a long amount of time with limited results. Fortunately there is a better and more effective way to remove toxic build up; Ion foot baths.

Ion foot baths are an ideal way to give your body a essential and efficient detox. Ion foot baths work unlike any other spa treatment by using a pain free, electrical current. The small current that goes in through the body is made up of positive ions. These ions move into your body and attach to the toxins which are most often negatively charged. The ions are then released in large quantities and swarm the toxins, destroying them as they move through your body. While this might sound intense and invasive, ion foot baths are safe, painless, soothing and takes only thirty minutes. They have been approved for anyone four years (with adult supervision) and older. The process can be carried out sitting in front of the television, on the computer, or even at the dinner table. Ion foot baths are the most premiere and convenient way to eliminate toxins in your body and perform a quick detox.

You may be asking yourself why this detox solution is delivered by way of a foot bath. Simply because your feet have around 2500 pores located on them and by having the positively charged ions sent through the foot, it delivers more positive results than any other part of your body,
Ion foot baths not only eliminate toxins but the process provides an amazing amount of health benefits as well. Utilizing ion foot baths can boost your immune system, help you heal from an injury, cool stiff joints, help you have more consistent sleep cycles, remove unwanted blood clot materials and even improve the health of your liver and kidneys. There is nothing as comfortable as Ion foot baths and nothing better at giving your body the detox that it needs.


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