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September 16, 2020
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Hyaluronic Acid: Today's Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care Ingredient

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The tale of "the fountain of youth" has always mesmerized countless people who want to stay young and delay, if not stop the ageing process. However, logic tells us that there isn't really a fountain ofyouth. But maintaining a youthful, glowing skin regardless of age can still be achieved even without the so called "fountain of youth". Thanks to Hyaluronic acid, today's best anti-ageing skin care ingredient.

Hyaluronic Acid or hyaluronan is normally present in the skin and the joints. When we grow older, the skin and the joints' concentration of this anti-ageing compound become lesser. The decrease in Hyaluronic acid encourages wrinkles, fine lines, and fragile joints. Hyaluronic acid for skin care deeply penetrates the skin to retain moisture, thus preventing dryness and keeping the skin supple. Skin careproducts like creams and lotions when applied to the skin works by helping the skin cells trap moisture.With more hyaluronic acid supply, the skin becomes stronger in fighting the unattractive skin signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, and skin sagging.

Unlike the fountain of youth, Hyaluronic Acid is widely available everywhere. You can get Hyaluronic Acid from the diet, from skin care products, and from standardized Hyaluronic acid supplements. Food sources of Hyaluronic acid include chicken, turkey, bones and connective tissue of animal foods, and organ meats. Fruits and vegetables do not contain HA, but they contain specific nutrients that help make Hyaluronic Acid. Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and magnesium like citrus fruits, banana, apple, spinach, and parsnip can help the body produce more Hyaluronic acid naturally. In the skin care market,
Hyaluronic Acid is widely used as an active ingredient in so many creams, lotions, and other beauty products. Hyaluronic acid serum has also proven to be a great source of HA for the skin and it produces noticeable results right away. And lastly, hyaluronic acid supplements in capsules and pills offer both the
skin and joint benefits of Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid capsules and pills may take a while to produce its desired effects, but they are longer lasting.

In this world where the physical appearance matters a lot, searching for the "fountain of youth" makes a lot of sense even though it's just a pipe dream. But what if, this fountain of never-fading beauty and youthfulness is true? Although not literally a fountain, it can be a natural substance that will help you
look and feel younger regardless of your age. Maybe the fountain of youth that many are looking for is actually called Hyaluronic acid.

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