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August 15, 2020
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First Step to Weight Loss: Shop for Groceries

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If you've been planning to lose weight since forever, well it's time to finally get started. And though it may seem counterproductive, one of the best places to start your weight loss plan is in the grocery store. But how can this be? Grocery stores are filled with fatty, sugary and processed foods at every corner, and a trip inside could mean certain weight gain rather than loss. But following just a few pointers can ensure that you not only lose weight from your shopping trip but develop healthy habits as well.
Shopping for groceries is one of the most practical ways by which you can start losing weight, and save for some small but significant changes it costs you no more time, effort or money than what you would normally expend in your usual shopping trips. Below is the list of steps to help you lose weight starting with the very next time you go grocery shopping.
1.Plan Your Meals. Just as a fire fighter is well equipped to face the flames due to extensive training and preparation, you must also prepare yourself before entering the realm of tempting but nutritionally trashy food in the grocery store. Before you head to the store, make sure you are in the right state of mind and are determined to follow through on your weight loss goals. Plan delicious, nutritious meals beforehand and list down all the healthy and fresh ingredients you will need. This leads to the next step, which is-
2.Make a Healthy Grocery Shopping List. Making a list of all the food items you need to buy will help keep your focus on the healthier food choices and avoid impulse buys which are more often than not, unhealthy processed foods. A healthy grocery shopping list should include lots of fresh, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables; whole grains; lean meat; skinless white meat; beans and tofu; and low-fat, low-sodium dairy and condiments. Spices and herbs also make great additions to any healthy grocery shopping list as foods that are rich in taste are more satisfying and aid in weight loss and digestion. Avoid fat-free, 'diet' items and items on sale. Sale items are often junky, processed foods and fat-free 'diet' items just make you consume more calories because there's no fat to make you feel full. Opt for low-fat or sugar-free instead.
3.Eat Before Shopping. It is a deadly mistake to shop when you're hungry. Hunger can make you vulnerable to cravings and that means you'll be more likely to put a bag of chips than a head of broccoli in your shopping cart. Try snacking on protein-rich food such as lean turkey or low fat cheese right before shopping so you don't buckle to temptations at the grocery store.
4. Manoeuvre through the Store Wisely. Sale items and most of the unhealthiest food choices are often placed in the centre aisle of grocery stores, so as much as possible avoid this aisle. Keep to the outer aisles where most of the natural and fresh food choices are, and you definitely must not browse through the aisles to look for "what's new". Products with this label will most likely be just another form of junk food you simply don't need.
5.Bring Some Support. If you're a parent, don't bring along a child when grocery shopping as children will ask you to purchase numerous processed food items. Instead, bring along a good friend or friends who support your weight loss plans fully. They can help you keep to your shopping list, distract you from tempting processed foods in the store and make the whole shopping experience fun at the same time.
Taking the Next Step
Grocery shopping is just your first step to losing weight. To take that next step, you need a weight loss program that conveniently fits into your life. Easy Weight Loss Online can be your partner in this endeavour. They offer online weight loss programs that are easy to follow and require no gym memberships, pills or worries. Their methods consist of an all natural and wholesome diet and effective, equipment-free exercises to help you lose weight fast.


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