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June 28, 2020
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Is Laser Hair Removal For You?

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More and more people are opting for a more permanent solution to body and facial hair. Rather than stick with shaving or waxing, both considered rather archaic methods of hair removal now that lasers are available.

Laser hair removal is something that you can't do at home, at least, not effectively. Going to a spa for treatment will ensure that you have the best results possible. The trained spa technicians know the best methods to get rid of excess hair and can do it safely and effectively.

What is Laser Hair Removal?
The actual mechanics of this type of treatment are quite simple. The light beam is aimed at the root of the hair. This is the main reason to have the procedure done in a spa, since the root of the hair could be at an angle to the actual strand. The heat from the light beam destroys the root of the hair, but doesn't burn the surrounding tissue.

The reason this works is because the laser can focus on the dark hair, which is caused by melanin, a pigment found in both skin and hair. While it may require several repeat treatments, laser therapy is eventually a permanent solution to unwanted hair. It's necessary to do several treatments because of the hair growth cycle . . . another hair will be forming when the first is destroyed and this needs to be eliminated, as well. Doing the laser treatment at specific points in the hair growth cycle will eventually create a permanent change.

Are You a Good Candidate?
If you're sick of shaving, waxing, sugaring or trying any number of other methods of getting rid of hair on your body and face, then you might want to look at laser treatment. Most spas offer this as an option, but since it requires special equipment and training, you'll want to make sure before heading in for a treatment.

Good candidates for laser hair removal usually fall into specific categories. For one, this isn't a suitable treatment for large areas of hair, like legs or chest, so if you're looking for a removal solution for a large area, chances are, laser isn't it. It is, however, very effective for small areas, such as between eyebrows, the mustache area or other small areas with unwanted hair.

Since the light beam seeks out melanin, it works best on those with light skin and dark hair. Natural blondes will have difficulties using the laser treatment effectively since the heat will have nowhere to build. Likewise, with anyone who has dark skin, the laser won't work very well, either.

So, the ideal candidate for laser treatment has light skin and black hair and needs to get rid of a small area of hair, such as the bikini line. That doesn't mean someone with a medium complexion and brown hair can't have laser removal treatment, but you will definitely want to talk to the laser technician to find out if it's worth it. Those with lighter hair or darker skin may find that they need more treatments in order to get the permanent effect.

Laser hair removal can be done at your local spa, most likely. It's a process that will need to be repeated several times, but it is eventually permanent and since it removes hair at the root, you'll find that it leaves no trace of stubble or color beneath the skin and it usually takes a long time for the hair to grow back out. For many people, male and female, laser hair treatment is the way to go.


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