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October 3, 2020
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Getting Your Beauty Sleep Its More Than Just a Saying

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One of the easy ways to keep your young looks is to get enough sleep. We may make jokes about needing our beauty sleep; but, the truth is, we really do need it. Sleeping right is the easiest way to fight aging. Why is sleep so important, and how can you make sure that you get better rest?First of all, feeling and looking tired is never attractive. Bags under the eyes are the surest sign that someone isn't sleeping well. Sleep is also when our bodies regenerate cells. Out with the old dead skin cells, and in with the new gleaming ones. Collagen production is highest while we sleep, and that works to firm up skin and reduce wrinkles. Another factor is that all day long our skin is fighting a battle against gravity. While lying prone, that skin can rest from that daily struggle to keep from sagging.Every day we are subjected to various pollutants and things like UV rays that can harm our skin. During sleep, our bodies work to repair this damage. Just one night of missed sleep can create noticeable skin differences. However, a habit of not sleeping enough can produce major effects including wrinkling, discoloration, and sagging. Sleep time is also when our bodies fight off any bacterial infections that your skin may have come in contact with during the day. So, sleep is is necessary not only for skin appearance but also overall skin health.Is it important in what position you sleep? To some degree, yes. If you apply any kind of cream to your face (like anti-wrinkle cream) and then sleep with your face against the pillow, you are blocking the pores which will cause them to clog, and potentially result in acne or wrinkles. If you apply anything to your face at bed time, be sure to sleep flat on your back with your face toward the ceiling. Also, you want to guard against sleeping on the same side every night regardless of your skin care ritual. This can cause indentations on one side of the face from having it always against the pillow. The only thing worse than signs of aging on your face is have the two sides age unevenly. You don't want to have to tell people to get your good side in photos.To make sure you sleep well each night, try to adopt a regular schedule. Going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time in the morning will train your body, making it easier to both fall asleep and wake up. Also, try to avoid caffeine later in the day. Set a time limit (2:00 PM, for example) and stick to it. Do the same thing with alcohol. Only nap when absolutely necessary so you don't throw off your schedule. Smoking also affects your ability to sleep, so if you are a smoker, this is just one more reason to quit.Following these simple steps and maintaining a regular sleep schedule can go a long way in helping you maintain a youthful appearance and fighting the effects of aging.


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