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15 Mar 20
Many of us have problems with our complexion, but do not have the money to go to an expensive dermatologist to address the issue. In this case, a home treatment for acne is advised, as you can find all natural remedies for acne that are much less expensive and safer than what you may receive from a doctor.

Honey is most notably known for its sweetness. So much so, in fact, that you can substitute honey for sugar in almost anything.

30 Mar 20

The skin care routine you use depends on your skin type and your lifestyle. So many of us are busy and it can be all to tempting to cut down on skin care - especially if it's time consuming.

21 Apr 20

More women are choosing fragrance lotions over perfumes when thinking of applying scent to themselves. There are many advantages of choosing a fragrant lotion over a perfume. One of them is price.

15 May 20

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22 May 20
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How To Properly Use And Apply Make Up When You Suffer From Acne
Make-up and AcneApplying make-up when you have acne is not an easy task, but many teenage women face this problem. If you have ever had to do this you also know what a pain it can be. Being a teenager and learning how to wear make-up is hard enough without the added problem of acne.
06 Jun 20
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How To Test The pH of Your Shampoos and Conditioners
Copyright (c) 2013 www.oilyhairoilyscalp.comWe discuss the importance of choosing shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that have a pH (acidity or alkalinity) that is close to that of the natural pH of our scalp (between 5 and 6).
15 Jun 20
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How Your Body Benefits From Eucalyptus
You may have heard of the benefits of essential oils when it comes to relaxing and soothing away the cares of the world. At the top of these products, mainly due to the other health benefits it offers the user, are the eucalyptus oil body products - and they're growing rapidly in popularity.
28 Jun 20
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Is Laser Hair Removal For You?
More and more people are opting for a more permanent solution to body and facial hair. Rather than stick with shaving or waxing, both considered rather archaic methods of hair removal now that lasers are available. Laser hair removal is something that you can't do at home, at least, not effectively.
18 Jul 20
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Learn How to Get Healthier By Sitting in a Sauna
What's the reason that people choose to subject themselves to the intense heat of a sauna? In the very hot, very damp surroundings, your body releases perspiration in uncomfortable amounts.
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16 Aug 20
Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard plenty of information about how to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. But many individuals are less than convinced that it is that critical an issue. In fact, in the past, sunbathing was a routine activity for most of the world. Laying in the sun and literally cooking your flesh was a common activity that everyone engaged in.
16 Sep 20
The tale of "the fountain of youth" has always mesmerized countless people who want to stay young and delay, if not stop the ageing process. However, logic tells us that there isn't really a fountain ofyouth. But maintaining a youthful, glowing skin regardless of age can still be achieved even without the so called "fountain of youth".
15 Oct 20
Sometimes, it seems unfortunate that most of the people who shop for Mother's Day gifts are husbands, fathers and children. Taken together as a whole, they are usually not the greatest shoppers. Luckily, the person that they are shopping for is full of unconditional love and accepts any offering and sees these somewhat paltry gifts through the eyes of love.
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03 Sep 20
Moles can be dangerous in circumstances if you not care them properly. Moles have a tendency to pop up and ingratiate themselves into the skin, becoming a part of it without any effort at all. They are not at all pleasant to look at and could even result to some personality problems. Therefore, there is a need to handle them with a lot of care and caution.
24 Sep 20
Ion foot baths have become extremely popular of late and it's easy to see why. The many toxins in our environment and the pollution that fills the air that surrounds us, not to mention the chemicals in just about everything we consume and in everything we wear or touch, has an impact on our health every day. Some of these conditions we have control over, many we do not.
09 Nov 20
Revlon makeup is renowned the world over for their innovative and flawless beauty products. From humble beginning in 1932 making nail varnish they rapidly grew to be one of the biggest beauty product manufactures in the world. Revlon makeup is still a core product for the company, but they branched out and now make perfume, skincare and antiperspirant products.
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